Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ma Ma's Christmas Cake

Ma Ma’s Christmas cake

8 oz butter                                            
3 oz almonds
8 oz light brown sugar   
1 lb. raisins                                   
5 eggs                                                             
3pkts Mixed fruit or (1 kg mixed fruit and 1 doz. dates + 100g cherries)
2 ozs S.R. flour                                               
1 level teaspoon salt
9 oz plain flour                                                
¼ teasp each cinnamon, nutmeg, and mixed spice      

Prepare the fruit and nuts the day before and warm the following ingredients together in a small saucepan until nicely blended.

1 tablsp brandy  or sherry (rum)                
½ teasp each of vanilla  essence, and almond essence                 
1 level dessertspoon golden   syrup                                                      
1 dessertspoon each of lemon juice, orange juice, and coffee essence
1 level dessertspoon  dark jam                           

Pour this mixture over the prepared fruit and nuts - Cover and leave overnight.
Day of cooking:
Method: Cream butter and sugar until light and soft. Test each egg separately in a cup and beat them into the butter, cream one at a time, and add a little of your measured flour between the last 2nd or 3rd egg to prevent any risk of curdling.

Have ready the flours sifted together with salt and spices. Add these and blend smoothly and well. Last of all add the soaked fruits and mix evenly and thoroughly let it stand in the bowl for 10 minutes before placing in the prepared tins.

Place your wooden spoon upright in the centre of the mixture. It should not move if correct consistency.

Line your tin with alfoil, and 2 layers of brown paper or Glad Bake. Set oven at 180 deg. , and after 1 hour decrease to 150 deg. for approx.. 3 hrs.
OR ( Alternative oven temperatures that my cousin Rae suggests for cooking Christmas Cakes, are 200 deg. for 10 minutes, 150 deg. for 1 hour, and 110 deg. for 3 hrs.)

“A helpful hint for the baking of your Christmas Cake. After 1 hour of baking a rich fruitcake place on the bottom shelf of your oven, a baking dish, 3 parts filled with cold water. This prevents the bottom of your cakes burning and also the steam keeps the cake moist.”

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