Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shop smart, cook clever, waste less

Read in the Qantas magazine yesterday that Jamie Oliver has a new book published, on how to be more frugal with our recipes and ingredients, use home grown produce, and shop at farmers markets etc, which strikes a chord with me, not that I am considering buying the book at the moment. I love recipe books though and will take a look at it. Instead of using cream imported from Switzerland or moss imported from Russia, buy local and waste less.

Then I saw Margaret Fulton interviewed,  who is advocating the same idea of supporting our local farmers more to ensure variety of produce, shop at the Farmers Markets, and grow your own if possible. Simplicity is key.

Great ideas and and I love the whole rustic approach to cooking and presentation.

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  1. We've been eating like that for a while and it is really nice too-not only is the food better because it is fresher, it's a much better price too (although sometimes it's more expensive).


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