Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pear and cranberry spice cake

Click here for recipe:

This pear and cranberry spice cake could proudly grace the counter of any well known coffee and cake establishment around the country, it is that good. Lou managed to arrange the pear slices perfectly, and topped with the apricot jam glaze it looked beautifully glossy, professional and inviting.

It wasn't a cinch to assemble though. There are a few stages to making this cake, befitting it worthy as an elegant accompaniment to any celebration or special event. Lou also chose to bake this cake to celebrate her parent's 70th wedding anniversary, and even though they are in Perth, they were thrilled. I think that is a lovely story.

This cake was originally created by Chef Lorraine Godsmark, at Sydney's Yellow Bistro and Food Store and published in Wine Selector Magazine, Autumn 08.A timeless recipe.


  1. The pink looks so effective against the creamy pears Pauline! :D

  2. Yes, it was such an attractive and delicious cake. Thanks Lorraine.

  3. What a lovely cake and the cranberry and pear sound great.


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