Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Onc. Heaven Scent Redolence

Onc. Heaven Scent Redolence photographed on the patio.

Heaven Scent Redolence, so aptly named, for Mother's Day. In my kitchen behold my beautifully flowering and lightly perfumed Oncidium Heaven Scent Redolence, only one spray, but it is the first flowering since I bought it in 2013. Mother's Day and flowering orchids are synonymous for me, something I inherited from Hope, my very special Mum. Last year, I went on a tour of orchid nurseries in the area surrounding Mackay, in sub-tropical Queensland,  and learnt a lot as well as coming home with a few new orchids, as you do, and very envious of the gardens I visited.

I purchased an Oncidium Heaven Scent 'Redolence', which was in flower, and this was a variation from my other oncidiums, all Dancing Ladies, which flower prolifically later in the year. It is so difficult to choose a specific orchid when there is a profusion of impressive varieties, perhaps I was swayed by the maroon and white flowers, Queensland colours of course. I have been very careful with my new Heaven Scent variety, growing it next to my also new and more temperamental Phalaenopsis, in my orchid house, but with lower light, less feeding, and watering almost daily. Apparently it has adjusted to these conditions, has remained pest free, and has been a dream to grow.

After this flowering, I think I will move it  into a more well lit area of the orchid house and monitor it to see how it adjusts and perhaps next year I will be rewarded with more than one spray. I don't think it will need repotting this year.

However Anne, my wonderful neighbour, knows all there is to know regarding orchids and I think I will consult with her after it has flowered. It is wonderful how plants bring people together as well as providing personal enjoyment.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy my Heaven Scent Redolence and her perfume, in my kitchen and my LC. Little Suzie x Chocolate Drop which is also flowering beautifully in a pot on the patio at present but she has another story to tell.

For more information on Phalaenopsis click here:

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