Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mt. Helena vegetable farm in the Perth Hills

We left Chidlow in the Perth Hills and drove to a local roadside fruit and vegetable farm at Mt. Helena, close to the IGA, intending to quickly purchase some local produce, recommended by our son and move on.

After walking with the farmer to his rows of vegetables and personally selecting what we want which he hand picks, we are still there an hour later. We are still talking animatedly to Paul about everything to do with growing your own fruit and vegetables, soil conditions, weed control, and local conditions.

Some might call him slightly eccentric, but he was one of the most interesting, genuine and entertaining people I have met in quite a while.

Local farming in this area is mainly restricted to Summer as Winters are severe. We need to support local farmers like Paul who provide us with healthier and more interesting  options to eat than the supermarkets, and provide a much more engaging shopping experience. Don't you think?

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  1. What a lovely visit to a farm! And it doesn't get any fresher than that does it? :D It would be such a delight to be able to shop like that!


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