Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blueberries from Viva Vasse Market

Travelling to Margaret River we come across the Viva Vasse Market, a nice surprise and of course it is Saturday. Desperate for local fresh produce we make a stop. As I write this my Mr. HRK is demolishing a punnet of fresh local blueberries, we bought 4 for $15. Do you think that is a reasonable price over here?

A French bakery supplies us  with  a rustic looking sourdough loaf, we buy ample fresh vegetables, and move on.

Further up the road we drive through Cowaramup, with more black and white artificial cows than real ones beside the road. They have taken establishing a brand to a whole new level,  but still they are very cute.

We reach Margaret River and stop at Yahava Koffee Works, our favourite  coffee shop in the S.W.

Does anyone have good memories of Yahava coffee to share?

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  1. Sounds wonderful, a very suitable way to spend my birthday I think! Maybe next year we will do the same! Glad you are having a great time xxx


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