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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Miss Daisy's Teahouse, Mount Canobolas

Miss Daisy's Teahouse offered enjoyable refreshment on our drive to Mount Canobolas.

During the morning of Matthew's Graduation ceremony, we go for a drive and explore Orange, N.S.W., reconnecting with some favourite places we remember and finding some new spots, as you do. I am desperate for a cup of tea, as the weather up there is much drier than what we are used to. It is too early for a glass of wine despite the abundant cellar doors available in the area:)

As we approach the drive to Mount Canobolas, Google maps directs us to Miss Daisy's Teahouse. Thankyou so much Google. What a delightful spot, decorated in an old-fashioned teahouse style reminiscent of times past, with a wonderful assortment of cakes and meals to choose from. Also, an interesting selection of teas was available. I selected Orange almond cake which was delicious and presented beautifully as you can see below.

There was a Mothers playgroup with babies at a table nearby, who I gathered were regular visitors and were busily planning activities. A welcome sight.

A wonderful interlude during a busy day.

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