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Salmon Fillet with a Finger Lime Caviar, Almond, Dill and Caper Sauce

Native Finger limes are in season and when I was given some from our local Farmers market by a very generous friend, they needed to be used. The citrus flavoured caviar like pulp squeezed from this fruit is a taste sensation. Once picked, these Australian indigenous rainforest fruits are quite perishable, and the tree doesn't yield fruit for very long either, so they are a very precious commodity. However the fruit can be frozen whole if necessary, to prevent wastage.  I was thinking of seafood and lime caviar, and how to create a simple yet delicious meal. Was it to be oysters, prawns or fish fillets, all fantastic options. Eventually, I based my dish on this simple but  inspiring recipe by Matt Moran, and decided to cook a zingy sauce to go with salmon fillets, which are always a favourite. However the sauce could be served with any grilled fish fillets, prawns, bugs or whatever seafood you are fortunate enough to be eating.

Finger limes
Here is Mr. HRK removing the lime caviar pulp from the fruit. Surprisingly they had quite a few seeds, so they were very carefully removed.

A close up of the delicious lime caviar

What wasn't needed for the dish, was enjoyed from a spoon.

We have a finger lime tree which is a couple of years old growing in a pot, however we are still waiting for it to produce fruit. Last year it flowered, and one small finger lime developed, which eventually fell off. We had placed it in between our Golden Penda trees, in an attempt to recreate rainforest conditions, and being aware that they don't tolerate full sun very well. However I don't think it has been getting enough sun, so we are moving it this week to a sunnier position to see if that makes any difference. Fingers crossed it will flower again this year, and that the bees will pollinate the flowers for us, and that it will fruit. Citrus can be difficult to grow.

Mr. HRK is always appreciative of what I cook and whilst sometimes we might eat simply, we eat very well. So whilst he mostly compliments me when I cook, sometimes he is so busy eating he forgets. However when he really enjoys something I cook, he is over the moon and very expressive with his praise and then I know it is a real hit. This was one of those dishes. It is one of the most delicious seafood meals I have cooked in a while, and it is so very simple. The key is the fresh ingredients, and only the fish needed to be cooked.

If you happen to find some finger limes when you are out and about at a Farmers Market or even the supermarket, I urge you to give this a try, it is an amazing combination of flavours. Thankfully I still have a couple of these little darlings in the freezer.


4 x 160g salmon fillets, with the skin on
2 tbs baby bottled capers, in brine or vinegar, rinsed and chopped if the large ones
2 tsp finger lime caviar (or you can use 1/2 lime, skin removed and finely chopped)
2 tbs slivered almonds, toasted
1/3 cup olive oil
1 spring onion, finely sliced
3 sprigs dill, roughly chopped
Juice of 1/2 lemon
400g - 500g green beans, blanched, or steamed to serve or another green vegetable
Mixed green leaves to serve


To make the sauce

Combine in a bowl the capers , spring onion, finger lime caviar, almonds, 1/4 cup olive oil, dill and lemon juice. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Set aside.

Heat the remaining 1 tbs oil in a large non-stick pan over high heat. Cook salmon skin side down for 2-3 minutes until the skin is golden and crispy.  Turn and cook for another 2 minutes until just cooked through.

Place the cooked fish fillets on the serving dishes and spoon over the lime caviar and caper dressing. I served this simply with green beans and mixed green leaves, however use whatever you have on hand.

Thanks for dropping by, I'm off to enjoy Sunday. I hope you are too.

Best wishes,



  1. Oh that plate looks wonderful.
    When I cook salmon it often gets too dry for my taste. Your's looks absolutely delicious. :)

  2. Thanks Nil. We eat a lot of Atlantic salmon.

  3. Finger limes are not seen around here, but I did taste them on my last visit to Australasia. I remember them as having a lemony-lime flavor. Finger lime with Salmon sounds fantastic. I'll be trying your recipe, but alas without the finger lime.

    1. Ron I think this recipe will still be delicious using limes. I wish I could send you a couple of finger limes:) Thanks for taking the time to post a note.

  4. hi pauline
    i absolutely love finger limes! they are just so gorgeous. and i love how you don't know what colour you will get till you open up the cute little fingers. always a lovely surprise. this dish sounds like a winner for me as i love salmon too. cheers sherry

  5. You probably see even more of them down there than we do here Sherry. Thanks for saying hello. I haven't seen a great variety of colours here unfortunately. Cheers Pauline

  6. Thanks for sharing your recipes....going to try the salmon with almond and finger lime sauce. Will let you know what I think

    1. Lovely to hear from you. I hope you find this really delicious. Unfortunately we don't have a Finger Lime tree anymore, and this is a reminder to look out for some finger limes. Happy cooking, Pauline


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