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Friday, 4 April 2014

Persian Yoghurt Rice Baked with Chicken (Tahcheen-e morgh)

Persian chicken and rice, cooked with saffron, orange-flavoured water, and yoghurt. This is an impressive layered rice dish, full of exotic Middle Eastern flavours, that is great for special occasions. Left over chicken from the Sunday roast can be used, instead of fresh chicken. The meat should still be marinated, whether raw or cooked, for at least 2 hours, as it really does help to develop the flavours. Serve it with an eggplant dish as an accompaniment.

(Recipe adapted from Saraban: a chef's journey through Persia, by Greg & Lucy Malouf)

Click here for recipe

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  1. Hehe I made something similar a few days ago! It was really good and I love Persian rice :)