Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Enjoying Tolga in Far North Queensland, and the Rocky Creek War Memorial

Rocky Creek War Memorial  Park

Original  and restored Tolga Railway  Station

We are travelling on our way home so this is an update on what we are doing from my phone, on the run.  It is nice to be back in Queensland. A timely  drive yesterday  for Neil and I up to Tolga, located  on the  Atherton  Tablelands near Cairns  with our War Veterans being in everyone's thoughts  today. Rocky Creek just North of Tolga is the site  of  the  Rocky Creek  War Memorial  Park, situated  on the 2/2 Australian General Hospital  laundry  and medical  stores site. It was a 3000 bed hospital  treating over 60,000 patients  from 1943 to 1945. During WW II, the Tablelands area became the largest military  base in Australia, with camps scattered  throughout  including  Atherton,  Ravenshoe, and  Tinaroo. Many of our World War II Veterans  went  there  for training  before serving  overseas.

We called in to take photos  for  our good friend Lou of the memorial to her  dear old Dad's Infantry Battalion, the 2/11. Photo above.  We had the pleasure  of meeting  him recently in Perth.

 The original  Tolga railway  station  which the soldiers  would  have  passed through  is now a very  well restored and maintained  Military  Museum in Tolga and well worth  a visit . The Tolga Wood and Art Gallery across  the road from the Museum  is a lovely and welcoming resting spot for morning tea and some shopping. No photos of this unfortunately as it was raining.   It was a really  nice morning out up on the Tablelands at Tolga.

There is also a 72 hour  rest area adjacent  to  the War Memorial  Park for self contained  caravans  and motorhomes for a $5.00 a night  donation to support  the  War Memorial.  It is all very well  managed.

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  1. Pauline I have never heard of Tolga and Rocky Creek. I have learned something new today. Thanks.


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