Sunday, March 26, 2017

Country life near Lake Leschenaultia in Chidlow, W.A.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog and hi to friends from home who read it and who are anxiously anticipating the effects of an imminent cyclone. Mr. HRK and I are trying not to be anxious knowing that it could still hit our part of the world, and here we are on the opposite side of the country feeling rather helpless. At this stage the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting it will make landfall just south of Townsville so hopefully it will miss Mackay but one just never knows. Good friends have contacted us and offered to do some of the preparation work and move some furniture inside before it gets really windy  so that is reassuring. Good friends are such a treasure and I am already planning what I will cook for them when I get home, which could be sooner than we planned if the cyclone makes landfall around Mackay.

Very healthy rosemary to be expected in a Mediterranean climate
Meanwhile, it has been a busy couple of weeks, with us flying across the country from Cairns,  via Alice Springs to Chidlow situated in the Perth Hills in Western Australia where our son Matthew and his family live. We spent an idyllic four days at a country house near Lake Leschenaultia, where there was no internet, so blogging was a little out of the question really. I did most of my internet work using mobile data on my phone which can be a challenge. I will also catch up this week hopefully with reading the other blogs that I follow now that I have access to a computer and wifi. And the weather has been so much cooler over here minus the humidity which is great.

Beautiful lavendar in flower
However, we had farm animals for company, and we also did a lot of babysitting of our gorgeous little grandson, which I have to say was really tiring but so wonderful. At 8 months old he is an absolute delight. So my cooking also revolved around what I could give little Hugo for lunch and also for his tea. He has my genes as he just loves his food and plenty of it even though most of it still needs to be mashed, ha, ha, although finger food is good.

His Mum and Dad have had a really busy week finishing off research work for their jobs and they work from home, so it was just easier for us to live offsite just down the road and help out with little Hugo. The chickens at the chalet are of a quite exotic breed and look as if they have spent the morning in the beauty parlour, however there is a very frisky rooster on patrol in the chicken coup and they aren't laying yet so the No Entry sign is very firmly located on the gate. There are also two geese in the coup to ward off the foxes, and they didn't seem particularly happy with us either, however it was all very entertaining and Hugo was quite fascinated with the rooster, safely from the outside.

Hot chillis growing which I didn't think would grow over there

Citrus which will be this year's crop
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and thanks for dropping by for a read.

It's lunchtime as we are two hours behind Queensland over here which still takes a little bit of getting used to.

Best wishes


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  1. Pauline I didn't realise you were over in WA. I have never been there. It must be a concern for you with TC Debbie gathering momentum out in the Coral Sea. I do hope there isn't too much damage or any loss of life. Cyclones are so unpredictable aren't they?


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