Friday, 25 November 2016

It's a back to basics day, cooking from scratch with Pickled Beetroot and Homemade Pumpkin Soup

Homemade Pumpkin Soup for lunch today.

When I thought about trekking to the local farmer's markets early this morning, I realised I still had ample fresh produce in my frig crisper to keep me busy cooking and for us to eat well this week. I love the markets and checking out all of the local produce, but it is false economy to buy more than we need, and it is so easy to do that once I am there. I am like a kid in a lolly shop when confronted by all of the wonderfully earthy, and ethnically diverse fresh fruit and vegetables. So I decided to stay home and cook up a storm instead.Three large, week old beetroot commanded pickling and the mature pumpkin was just begging to be made into a delicious soup. Before I started I also thought I would blend up some basil pesto today, as my Italian and sweet basil is doing very well. However it was an ambitious thought really as I am out of Parmesan cheese, and who wants to brave it at the supermarket on a Saturday when the Christmas rush is in full flight to buy cheese. It is bedlam out there so the pesto can wait. Perhaps tomorrow will be pesto and pasta day.

Pickling Beetroot

Vinegar and spices pickling solution.

Boiling the beetroot
Preparing to sterilise bottles for pickling.

Hey presto, three jars of beautifully coloured pickled beetroot.

Also featuring my new kitchen cutting board which Neil made for me this week. 

So an early start at 5.30 am before the summer heat strikes, to go for a walk at Neil's suggestion, and then into the cooking. I now have a large bowl of pumpkin soup, some of which we will eat for lunch today and the rest will freeze well for those nights when I need a  night off from the kitchen or we have surprise visitors. Batch cooking saves so much time later on. Three jars of pickled beetroot will last us for quite a while and will go into the pantry. I refuse to buy the canned stuff now, as much as I like to support Golden Circle, as it is full of preservatives which isn't a healthy option. It is so easy to pickle your own beetroot and it tastes great. I left all of the seeds in the bottles this time as I like the rustic look however that is a personal choice.

Go to Pickled Beetroot recipe here
Go to Pumpkin Soup recipe here

My work in the kitchen is done, so now it's time to relax, and put my feet up in front of the test cricket, which is gaining momentum. I've also started sewing again and hope to finish a shirt top I am making today so Happy Saturday everyone.

Have an enjoyable weekend if you are reading this, and try to keep smiling. What plans do you have for the weekend?

Also Happy Thanksgiving to anybody who is embracing the tradition this weekend.

Best wishes



  1. The Christmas madness has definitely started and yes I can't resist all that fresh produce too! :D This looks very comforting and good :D


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