Monday, 29 March 2021

Hot Smoked Salmon Kedgeree


On Sunday we ate this dish of hot smoked fish fillets and spiced rice for lunch, however it is also perfect eaten for breakfast with the addition of softish boiled eggs. Or you can take it up a notch for an easy Sunday night dinner by adding some thawed frozen peas, some more spice or curry powder if you like, and serve it with mango chutney or a relish. Easy peasy! It's a riff on my Friday Night Special, which is a family favourite, still very fishy, and is made on canned tuna or salmon. This new recipe is cooked differently, inspired by the fact that I had some hot smoked salmon fillets in the refrigerator needing to be eaten, the rest of the ingredients were in my pantry and freezer, and we really enjoyed it. Any kind of smoked fish could be used for this recipe. It lends itself to all kinds of variations which is always interesting, however as a traditional kedgeree it ticks all the boxes.


Serves 2 generously with leftovers

1 onion, peeled and finely chopped

250 g basmati rice, washed and drained

600 ml chicken stock

2  hot smoked salmon fillets, skinned

1 cup of frozen peas, thawed

3 teaspoons garam masala

1 heaped teaspoon of turmeric

4 teaspoons butter

3 soft-boiled eggs

small handful of chopped parsley for serving

Lemon wedges, to serve


Choose a high sided saucepan or fry pan with a lid and melt three teaspoons of butter until sizzling and golden. Throw in the onion, reduce the heat and sweat the onion until it looks slightly transparent and softened. This will take about 10 minutes. 

Add the garam masala, the turmeric and the rice, and mix it all together in the pot until the rice is completed covered in the onions and the butter, and you can start to smell it cooking. This takes about 2 minutes.

Pour in the chicken stock and stir through the rice mixture. Cover the pot with the lid, reduce to a gentle heat, set the timer,  and allow to cook for 15 minutes, until all of the liquid has been absorbed. Check it after 10 minutes as in that last 5 minutes the rice could stick to the pan and might need a stir.

Check the seasoning, I didn't need to add any extra salt or pepper though. Then add the smoked fish, the peas, and add the extra teaspoon of butter in small pieces. Continue cooking the dish with the lid on until the rice is cooked and tender. Using a fork, gently spread the fish though the rice.

Serve this dish with soft boiled eggs, chopped parsley, and lemon wedges. 

Pour in the stock and cook the rice mixture

After 10 minutes, the rice is starting to cook and the liquid disappear. Give it a stir to prevent  it sticking on the bottom.

Add the salmon, the peas, and the butter and keep cooking until the rice is done.

Before I made the fish dish on Sunday, I whipped up a batch of scones. I needed to use up a bottle of cream and as I also had some clotted cream and some beautiful plum jam which our friend Paul had made and delivered, scones it was. They were delicious, so good for the soul, and not so good for the waistline ha, ha. Not to worry, it was Sunday when all things are forgiven. Click here for my

Mr. HRK and I ate a couple of scones and the rest are in the freezer. They reheat beautifully. 

Just a light dinner then at the end of the day of sliced leftover slow cooked Corned Silverside and salad, and the day was complete. Next Sunday is Easter Sunday, and if you are travelling, safe travels.

I am thrilled to have my beautiful  Cattleya orchid in flower on my kitchen bench as we move toward Easter. Blc. Haadyai Delight x Blc. Laddawan Beauty is her name and her fragrance fills the air around her.

Pauline x


  1. So jealous of that beautiful orchid, just like sunshine. Cheers

    1. Yes she's a beauty isn't she and brings me a lot of joy. The orchid flowers last for a long time as well, longer than a bunch of flowers which is great. Have a lovely Easter Bernie.

  2. Such a mouthwatering meal! I love smoked salmon, but have never used them this way..definitely something I need to try. I love those scones...they are so perfect for breakfast or afternoon snacks.

    1. Thanks Angie, It's interesting that we don't tend to eat scones for Breakfast here,not that we couldn't, but they are more for morning or afternoon tea.The Tasmanian hot smoked salmon fillets that we can buy here are delicious and so versatile. Have a great Easter.

  3. I only recently heard of kedgeree, and have yet to try it. You make it look good! But I also have to say, your scones look marvelous!

    1. Thanks so much Jeff, yes we are quite partial to a scone,this is a great recipe. Kedgeree is such a comforting and filling meal. You can substitute brown rice of course as well but it will take longer.

  4. that hot smoked salmon is a great product isn't it? your scones look like a tasty treat too. have a great easter. hopefully we won't still be in lockdown here.

    1. Thanks Sherry, covid restrictions have happened so quickly again haven't though, feeling for you being in lockdown down there, hope it doesn't last too long. I wore my mask to the supermarket and dentist for the first time this morning, it felt quite surreal seeing everyone in masks. We've been so lucky so far. Have a great Easter.

  5. I can never do kedgeree for breakfast as I think rice belongs at a proper meal. I also made scones this weekend - what a co-incidence. Have a blessed Easter :)

  6. Pauline, I think your blog is doing what I imagine mine is. I get halfway through a comment and then it disappears. I don't think that happens when I comment on my phone so it might have to do with using an old device. I just wish I knew how to fix the problem. Anyway, as I was saying in my first comment which has gone into cyberspace, it was odd seeing everyone in masks yesterday and I am not fond of wearing one either but I guess I will get used to it.

    1. Chel nobody else is mentioning this problem, however I get caught sometimes if I don't wait long enough after I press the publish button. It could also be the browser you are using.I gave up on Google chrome on my laptop as it was causing all kinds of problems. It's working much better with Microsoft Edge. Yes it is a strange experience for us isn't it wearing masks? Only for 2 weeks hopefully. Hope you enjoy a relaxing Easter.

  7. I've never made kedgeree, although I've had it in restaurants. Yours looks terrific! Good recipe -- Thanks. And I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

    1. Thanks KR, there are a few different ways to make kedgeree, and I was happy with this one, and Happy Easter!

  8. Everything looks so yummy, happy easter for you and family :)

  9. Thanks so much Tori and it's so nice to hear from you. Happy Easter to you too.


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