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Two memorable days in Valparaiso, Chile

I was reminded this week that around this time only last year we were in Valparaiso, Chile, which is about 80 kilometres from Santiago, and home to the Chilean Navy. Valparaiso is often referred to as the garden city, and indeed it was, however I remember it mainly for its spectacular seafood and zany and colourful street art. As none of us can travel overseas yet, I thought I would share our photos with you vicariously, and travel down memory lane or the streets of Valparaiso once again from our lounge chairs.

One of the highlights of our two days in Valapraiso was lunch at a beautiful little restaurant called Espiritu Santo, where I ate the best Ceviche I have ever had and Neil enjoyed a plate of black ink squid. I never thought I would see him order a dish like that but he loved it. Firstly though, every meal there must begin with a Pisco Sour, the traditional drink of Chile, and this one was based on wine. 

A very fresh and delicious Ceviche at Espiritu Santo, comprising all local and unfrozen seafood, and in true Chilean fashion scattered with corn and avocado. Every mouthful reminded me of the ocean. The secret to this Ceviche, was the freshest possible seafood caught just that morning and "cooked" in lots of lime juice.

Fresh Black Ink Squid which Mr. HRK really enjoyed.

There was also some very impressive original art painted on the wall inside our shipping container apartment at the Wine Box Hotel.

Beautiful gardens are an attraction at the entrance to Valparaiso.

Naval ships at the port

After a delicious complimentary breakfast at the Wine Box Hotel on their rooftop restaurant, we walked it off up and down the hills admiring the street art adorning the many houses. Valparaiso is full of surprises and the art makes a real statement. It is one of the many features that Valparaiso is renowned for.

For those of you that love cats.

Paintings of beautiful birds were very effective

I loved this  painted street, very huggable.

There were a few photograph sessions to send home.

What fun to have this painting on the front of your house.

A beautiful rose in one of the front gardens.

Waiting for a much needed coffee after walking all of those hills.

We continued to walk to the famous house of controversial Chilean Poet Laureat Pablo Neruda, very interesting, and yes there were more stairs.

This is the Naval Academy at Valparaiso.

On the drive to Valparaiso with our guide, we indulged in just a little wine tasting at Casablanca. Chilean wine is very good.

After revisiting my photos, I wonder how the restaurant, the hotel, and the people we met there are coping with the impact of Covid 19. I fear that they have had a very difficult time of it. I am so thankful we visited when we did, a once in a lifetime experience.

 I am making this fresh salad today which reminds me somehow of Chile where corn is added to everything. They also grow beautiful capsicums and other vegetables in the fields between Santiago and Valparaiso. If I add some cooked quinoa to this salad as well,  it will really embrace my memories of Chile and indeed Peru.


1 roughly chopped Mango, or any firm mango
1 cup chopped cooked pumpkin
2 tablespoons chopped coriander of more if you really are a coriander fan (to taste really)
1 drained can of corn kernels
4 shredded lettuce leaves
2 cups roughly chopped cucumber
1 chopped red capsicum
2 cups finely chopped carrot
1 cup cranberries
1 drained can chickpeas
1 punnet chopped cherry tomatoes
1/2 cup chopped shallots or more if you like the zing
1/2 cup baby capers (optional)
1 cup cooked quinoa


Mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate. Add the pumpkin, mango and tomatoes just before serving if you prefer so it is all perfectly fresh, however this keeps in the refrigerator very well for a few days.

Warmest wishes,



  1. It looks like a wonderful trip, Pauline. And you look very stylish. 😊

  2. I love that painted street...so cool. The black ink pasta looks very delicious. You two definitely had a great time in Chile.

    1. Thanks Angie,yes it was a very special place and the food was amazing.

  3. I was lucky to discover Valparaiso about 10 years ago, was a lovely and moreish city. I visited Pablo Neruda's house, it was a marvelous visit! I miss Chile! :)

    1. Yes it is a special place, as is Peru. I really feel for them now.

  4. Sigh -- it was a year ago that we started our New Zealand - Australia - Bali cruise. How the world has changed! Anyway, sounds like a lovely trip. Nice pictures! Thanks.

    1. Thanks KR, I think I appreciate it now even more than I did at the time, probably because travelling overseas is out of the question.

  5. What a lovely time you had, Pauline. Some great memories too.

    1. Thanks Nil, yes it was a really good holiday.

    2. Chel, a reply to Nil went into your reply box, and I can't change it,no doubt it was my fault, anyway thanks so much for your comment.

  6. i bet this is a tasty salad pauline. wow it seems like centuries ago that we could travel! only a year ago... I love ceviche! Yum. As you may remember from some of my posts, i adore street art. such a cheery aspect of a city. I know this sounds whingey/whiney but crumbs there are a lot of distracting ads on your page these days. sorry. i know it sounds critical but it kinda drives me nuts... at least it's not like the american bloggers' pages. phew you can barely read theirs.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sherry, and yes the street art in Valparaiso is the best I have ever seen. I'm sorry the ads are driving you crazy, I have contacted them and asked them to take them off the main page, but they are slow to respond to everything. I'm sure you can turn off the ads function on your computer so that you don't receive ads at all. Do you find the ads you receive though are related to the kind of searches you do on google,I am told they are personalised. I don't seem to see many at all when I read the web version of my blog, only one during the page and one right at the end, and no flashing lights or ads that can't be turned off.

  7. What a fun trip! We love to travel as well but haven't made it to Chile just yet. That street art is AMAZING! And that Ceviche... yum. I am definitely putting it on my overseas destination wish list once the borders open up again, Pauline. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Thanks so much for your interest Katerina, I really hope we can all travel again one day, and that you get to Chile,I also recommend Peru. Such an incredible culture.


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