Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Party Pizzas and Lots of Rain

These Party Pizzas are so easy, that I feel a bit guilty writing them up as a recipe. Do you sometimes just feel like something really tasty like pizza, but don't feel like making your own dough or visiting the supermarket to buy ready made pizza bases, or spending the money to buy take away pizzas? These are the easiest bite sized pizzas I have ever made. They may be just bite sized, but they are BIG-sized flavours,with zero effort. In fact you will feel as if you have had a night off from cooking and everyone will be happy to pitch in and help. 

Great news for us is that we had 75 mm of rain last night, which is around 3 inches. It bucketed down and was windy and cold as well. Just like we expect a tropical wet season to be like. Showers were forecast, but we didn't expect this much rain. Hopefully the sugarcane farmers will be happy if they have harvested their cane and replanted. I wish though that we could send some of it off to the drought affected areas around Australia. Dylan, who is our 12 year old young neighbour from up the road came up for a chat after school just before, as he often does when Mum and Dad are working, and remarked how much he loves the rain. I agreed with him, but just reminded him that there are many children his age in Australia who have never experienced rain like that where they live. It's still overcast and it feels like there could be more showers on the way. Here's hoping, although the parsley is already looking waterlogged as is the pomegranate tree.

We are also happy that SBS is televising the U.S. Open Tennis tournament on TV now, and that our young Australian player, John Millman,who is from Brisbane and is a proud Queenslander, has made it to the quarter finals. I'm a bit sorry that it was Roger Federer he needed to beat to win, as Roger is also a favourite, but what a coup for John. He played the match of his life. So if you like watching the tennis, tune in tomorrow as he will be playing Djokovic (hope I spelled that correctly.) Fingers crossed for John Millman.

 Back to food. Pizzas are perfect on the weekend for brunch with a salad, or as an appetizer, or as a finger food idea for a party. They can also use up leftovers in the refrigerator as well, as the ingredients can be quite versatile. These are one of the items on the menu for our family party in 10 days time. 90 little pizzas can be made from a 10 pack Puff Pastry box. Very economical when catering. This recipe is for 18 pizzas which Mr. HRK and I enjoyed over a couple of days. Just increase the quantities as needed.

Ingredients for 18 mini pizzas

2 sheets of frozen puff pastry
2 cups grated tasty cheese
1 chopped red capsicum
1 cup classic pizza sauce (homemade or purchased)
1/2 cup chopped basil or oregano
1/2 cup roughly chopped black olives
Finely chopped bacon or salami to sprinkle over the top of the pizzas before baking

Thaw out two sheets of Puff Pastry. Cut each Puff pastry sheet into 9 squares. (For a larger quantity of pizzas, buy a 10 pack box of Puff Pastry and cut 9 squares from each sheet until each person has at least 3-4 pizzas)

Let's cook:

Grease two muffin trays very well and place a pizza square in each hole (18 for this recipe)
Throw the combined ingredients into a large bowl. Mix well together.
Brush tomato sauce over pastry bases.
3/4 fill pastry cases with ingredients and sprinkle with bacon or salami if desired.

Cook in a moderate oven for 20 minutes..

Now it's back to the kitchen to make some Chicken and vegetable soup for dinner. I'm going to enjoy this cool rainy weather while it lasts. It's moving on tomorrow apparently.

This is my Pizza recipe when I feel like making real pizza.

Bye for now,



  1. Those party pizzas do look tasty, Pauline. Glad you got some rain. Not a drop here unfortunately. Yes, I do hope John plays really well in his next match. What an achievement! It is nice to see well behaved players on the court.

    1. Thanks Chel, just saw this, just about to make some more of these. Hope you are well.


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