Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Celebrating Spring at the Annual Mackay Orchid Extravaganza, in Queensland, Australia

A magnificent soft cane Dendrobium
The annual Orchid Extravaganza located at Queens's Park in Mackay last weekend was a showcase of Tropical Orchids, Bromeliads, and all manner of tropical and native plants. I'd like to share with you  photos of some of the beautiful blooms which local growers have been nurturing for the display. 
We might not have the climate or population to produce spectacles such as the Canberra Floriade or the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, however from small things big things grow. People who grow orchids, and I humbly fit into that category on a small scale, are passionate about what they do.

I took many of these photos in the Orchid House in Queen's Park which is staffed and maintained by the Mackay City Council with help from a small group of dedicated volunteers. The Orchid House is also open to the public during the week, but it is a good idea to check the MCC website for opening hours. This is a very popular tourist attraction in Mackay and a nice place to take visitors

The local Orchid Societies, and a few of the Growers who sell to the Public set up stunning displays in the Orchid House for this event and many of the orchids on display were also available for sale at the booths outside.

What impressed me was how all of the orchid growers who were also selling their stock were so generous with information in answer to the myriad of questions from the public. Each orchid variety has particular growing requirements even though over all they are fairly easy to grow in our subtropical climate as long as they are watered during the dry hot months. The seasons have been all of our kilter this year though and that has been stressful for some of the growers trying to produce flowering plants for this event. Information sessions about various aspects of growing orchids and bromeliads were held at the park during the weekend and were well attended as was the live auction of plants.

Splendid speckled white Phalaenopsis and bright orange Cattleyas
The following three photos from different angles are of the rich pink Phalaenopsis orchid, Phal. Younghome New York,  displayed by MnS orchids, and yes I bought one of these after seeing it on display. I should be able to enjoy it in flower for a few weeks now.

A golden Dendrobium

The beautiful Swamp Orchid.

This is a stunning Cattleya, heavily perfumed.

No show with out punch. Even Elton John was there drumming up business for his concert this weekend.

Isn't Spring a beautiful time of year? I love being surrounded by plants in flower.

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  1. What beautiful orchids! I really wanted phaeleonopsis orchids for my bouquet but they were out of season!

  2. What beautiful orchids, Pauline. I have seen some really dedicated growers on Gardening Australia over the years. We really are fortunate here that we can grow such a large variety of flowers. The city is buzzing with visitors at the moment and the weather is perfect for viewing the Carnival gardens.

  3. Beautiful orchids. I love them but don't have any in my garden. For some reason I think growing orchids is harder. :)


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