Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's Australia Day, a public holiday and a time to relax and celebrate being Australian

Australia Day is the anniversary of the arrival and landing of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, at Sydney Cove in N.S.W  on 26th January, 1788. It's surprising how some people still aren't sure of what we are actually celebrating and each year it is a little controversial as to whether we should actually be celebrating this event or not. Despite the politics, I think it should be a time to relax, and just celebrate living in such a wonderful and diverse country.

I went for an early walk around my garden this morning with a cuppa and it reminded me how closely linked my garden is to my kitchen and my cooking and how some of the produce is only days away from being harvested and included into some delicious dish for us to eat. It is also a very multicultural collection of plants, some things that my Mum would never of thought of growing in her garden in the 50's or the 60's. That is exciting to me, how far we have come with what we grow and cook now. These photos are just a selection of what we have growing.

Our new ramp now finished
Mr. DIY has now finished our new ramp at the back of the house. He has done such a great job. Perhaps it needs just one more coat of varnish.

I am having an easy day at home today. Pickling some beetroot because it needs to be done, watching some cricket and some tennis, and enjoying just living in the Lucky Country. We will be eating BBQ Lamb as after all Australia rode on the sheep's back.

Tarragon, ground orchids, and oregano next to the bird bath

My miniature rainforest
Happy Australia Day everyone! I hope you can all enjoy a relaxing day.

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  1. Happy Australia day Pauline!! It sounds like you had a wonderful one :D


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