Saturday, December 31, 2016

A delicious lunch at the Lobster Trap in Lancelin, W.A.

Being on holiday  between  Christmas  and New Year on the  coast in Western  Australia  I thought  we would  have  access to lots of fresh  seafood.  Well it hasn't  quite panned  out that way. So when  we stumbled  across the  Lobster  Trap Cafe in Lancelin, North of Guilderton,  for lunch it was a chance to see  what was on offer. A family owned business, a very friendly  atmosphere, and good  food with a Byron Bay presentation  style ensured  a memorable experience  for the  family.
Happy New Years to my friends and family. Hope you  have a very rewarding , happy and successful  2017.


  1. Hello from Brisbane. I have just discovered your blog (over from Rhonda's and enjoying your recipes as it's the way I like to cook). I had some zucchini's from my allotment needed using up and decided to make zucchini fritters for the first time for lunch today. And then noticed you have a recipe for sweetcorn and zucchini fritters. I'll try them next time.
    And those zucchini pickles of yours look good too. Another way for me to use up my zucchinis as the plant is doing so well at the moment. Jean.

    1. I am envious of you being able to grow zucchinis Jean. I must plan to plant them this year so they can hopefully be harvested before the rain and the humidity takes it's toll on them. Nice to talk to a fellow Queenslander.


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