Friday, 10 July 2015

Rosella (Wild Hibiscus) Harvest and making Rosella jam

Click here for the link on how to make Rosella Jam.

The Rosella Harvest has finished for another year. It has been one of my slower weeks, where I have had a head cold and have been trying to really look after myself so that it doesn't develop into anything nastier. So homemade chicken soup, Inner Health Immune Booster tablets, the occasional whisky to soothe the throat (it really works), lots of veges, indulgent reading, Rosella jam on toast from last year's produce, watching Wimbeldon, and I am feeling as if I am on the road to recovery today.Thank goodness the Antarctic blast hasn't reached us up here yet. It might get slightly colder but it is magical weather here today.

 So a nice and economical piece of Corned Beef is cooking in the Slow Cooker, and I have just harvested all of my Rosella plants, only four plants, but certainly enough rosellas I think to make an adequate quantity of jam. This will be my second batch this year, the first batch only yielded a few bottles, but before the jam making begins, a time consuming task now to remove the rosella pods from the stalks and separate the seeds from  the calyx using the special device my Mr. DIY made me especially for the task last year. We can only eat so much rosella jam, as much as we love it, so I think I will look at how to develop cake and dessert recipes to use some of it very productively. Or, should I make some Rosella tea, or cordial, is it worth pursuing? The Rosella seeds and calyxes will keep in separate containers in the frig for up to two weeks, so I have the time to decide what to do with them.

If anyone has any ideas on how to incorporate Rosella jam into cakes and desserts, please let me know. I am thinking it would marry quite nicely with chocolate, but then what doesn't.

Click on this link for my recipe on how to make Rosella Jam,


  1. Have you ever tried that rosella syrup with the rosellas you buy to put in champagne? That could be an interesting way to use them... House sells them if you don't know what I mean.

  2. I have heard of that and sounds like a very interesting idea. Something for us to try with a glass of bubbly one day. Thanks Julie.

  3. I recently harvested our crop and dried them all for tea - I love rosella tea.


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