Thursday, 3 April 2014

Quick selfsaucing pudding

Granma McNee's Selfsaucing pudding

Selfsaucing puddings always bring back lots of memories for me, of times gone by, and perhaps revising an old family favourite of Mr. HRK's was inspired by my latest project, and a stroll down memory lane, writing my family history. So my love of cooking, gardening, reading etc now has stiff competition as I find myself at the keyboard even more. However, comfort food is essential when the brain needs nourishing, and this is the ultimate in comfort food, and there is no chocolate involved.

This pudding recipe must be the quickest and easiest on the planet, and if you would like more sauce just increase the quantities of water, butter and syrup. If you are an advocate of the simple life, as I am, this is also very economical and doesn't take very long at all to cook.

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