Monday, 7 April 2014

German Plum Cake

German Plum cake recipe: click here.

Ripe blood plums  are in season at the moment, however  in North Queensland unfortunately they aren't available for long.  Inspired by a delicious Plum cake we ate in Brisbane recently at Groove cafe in Annerley, and because I am entertaining my Mahjong friends this afternoon who love a good cake, I have made this very special plum cake. It was originally created  by Stephanie Alexander, and called Mieze's plum cake, after a German friend of hers. I have named mine German Plum Cake.

So with my dear husband Neil acting as Barista, and making coffee from his home roasted Guatemalian beans, I am hoping my Mahjong friends will really enjoy my German Plum cake as well.

This is a large mixture, capable of serving 12 people for dessert, if it is baked in a 28 cm spring form tin. I used a 23cm tin this time, and used the remainder of the mixture to make a smaller cake just for Neil,  so that he would leave the larger one alone. He gave the cake rave reviews. The less cake mixture in the base the better, and only filling the cake tin a quarter full with the cake mixture is the preferable way to make the cake. It rises so well. However, you can halve the recipe and use a smaller cake tin.

So dear reader, when you are making a cake for a special event, do you make a smaller extra one sometimes to keep the rest of the family happy and away from your main event so that it is still in tact for your guests?

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  1. It's just hubby and I so I don't often make a small cake. But sometimes I'll bake some batter in a cupcake liner so that I can taste it! Usually I taste it when I trim a cake for decoration although I don't imagine you'd need to trim this one :)